Time Travel

i want to laugh out loud all the un-laughed laughter i want to weep out all the un-cried tears i want to out-live all the un-lived silences just keep me away from words, analysis, debates and complains let me hug laughter, tear, silence and pain i was born as a residue i wanna die whole… Continue reading Time Travel



i am stone-hearted, they say with no emotions and love.... but let me tell you, i do love i do love in a manner that isn't possible for you i love simple, whole and extreme i love things that appears lifeless to you i love the arch of rainbow i love the moods of sky… Continue reading Stone-Hearted

My Soul Is Like A Furnace

my soul is like a furnace¬† burning with desires of unknown loving the purple dawn kissing the orange haze life...full of twist and bends love doesn't know where it all ends don't offer prayers for intimacy¬† offer yourself! use sharp words "yes" or "no" don't hold, let it go.... what cannot be cure learn to… Continue reading My Soul Is Like A Furnace