Time Travel

18684 Hi want to laugh out loud all the un-laughed laughter

i want to weep out all the un-cried tears

i want to out-live all the un-lived silences

just keep me away from words, analysis, debates and complains

let me hug laughter, tear, silence and pain

i was born as a residue

i wanna die whole

i wanna live my death

my life is indeed a melancholy of deranged moments

on the corner of love and hate

i stare at my void fate

i pretend to be indifferent

i fail

i don’t remember for how long

i have been carrying this dreary blank expression on my face

long back, pain and pique have seceded

my life is a trail of shooting stars

my wounds are without scars

i have tried to catch hold of it once

as usual, it was a disaster

i am more than tired now

i need a God to blame now

take me to Rumi

make me Shams

forget it

i just wish to be a metal passenger and time travel


Note : I do not own the image.


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